Mold Testing to Determine Type Of Mold Spores

Mold testing is the response in the air quality concerns indoors. This also helps people understand the dos and don’ts of doing this testing. Testing the mold requires an investigation in damages and moisture problems.

Mold testing will let you understand the mold problem in your house. You will also be helped in finding the hidden molds, measuring the indoor quality air and identifying the kind of species of mold that is present in your house.

The best mold testing is done by professional mold professionals. This is because they have the experience to collect and analyze molds for the best possible results. When you want to test the mold, there are the mold test kits to collect the mold species by yourself. Mold Testing Kits is less expensive than the mold tester. If you collect samples of molds, send it to the mold testing laboratory for the results. There are several types of mold testing listed below:

  • Air Testing – this is the test that is concentrated on mold spores in the air of your house. Taking samples from the air and examining it in the microscope is essential. The air test will identify mold problem even without the mold growth. But a lot of mold spores will change in just a short period of time.
  • Surface Testing – taking mold sample from the surface of the house in finding the growing molds and deposited spores around the house is essential. These are collected by other methods like tape lifting and swabbing. These will then be examined in the laboratory.

Just like the Air testing, the results will vary in growing the molds and spores. This is because they are not evenly spread along the surfaces in the house. On the surface test, it is difficult to determine the exact concentration of molds in the air.

  • Bulk Testing Molds – These are intended in collecting some pieces of material from the house. The materials are brought in the laboratory for examination. There is a need to make use of a microscope. Like the air testing, the bulk testing will also tell you if your house has a mold problem. This will help you to further concentrate on the molds in your house.

In addition to the types of mold testing’s mentioned above, there is also the Culture test for molds. The mold samples from the house grow in a large colony in the lab. This test will also determine the kind of mold species in your house. Testing the molds still has a lot of reasons why this must be carried out in your house. These reasons are as follows:

  • The signs of the presence of molds such as the smell and the symptoms
  • The specific kinds of molds
  • You can locate the location of the molds
  • To identify the quality air by the specific number of spores in the air

To check if the molds are still in your home or they have already disappear.

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